How Hotels Keep Their Guests Comfortable

When you’re visiting a hotel during your travels, you may wonder how they do everything that’s necessary to keep the business running efficiently. They may have dozens or even hundreds of rooms, and more guests that you can count. For that reason, some travellers actually worry about how the hotel at which they’re staying keeps things looking and running so wonderfully. There are even rumours out there that some hotels save time and money by not washing sheets and towels each time they’re used.

The truth, however, is that most hotels use professional services such as Stalbridge Linen Hire to launder all of their linens, including the sheets and towels. This helps them save time and money and ensures that the bed you’re sleeping in is always hygienic as well as comfortable. Have you ever wondered how they keep their sheets in such great shape? How do they keep them from becoming wrinkled and worn out since they wash them so frequently? This is how the hotels and their linen services keep the sheets looking, smelling, and feeling so great.

Wash the Linens in Cool or Warm Water, Not Hot Water

The water temperature is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping the sheets in the best possible condition. It’s also important not to use a heavy-duty spin cycle. Professional services generally use large industrial washers that largely automate this process. It’s also important to ensure that the washer is on a setting that will thoroughly rinse the sheets. This helps to remove the residue of the soap from the sheets, ensuring that the sheets feel clean and do not bother your skin.

Don’t Over-dry

Drying is an equally important process, required to ensure that you and other travelling guests feel comfortable in your hotel’s beds. Sheets that haven’t been dried entirely will be uncomfortable and can begin to smell of mould or mildew if left in the wrong conditions for too long. This smell can be hard to get rid of too, so it’s essential to dry the sheets correctly. However, many people worry so much about this that they dry the sheets for far too long, and this can damage the sheets and cause additional problems such as wrinkled sheets. The best thing to do if you’re caring for the laundering of your sheets in-house is to figure out how long the sheets need to be dried before they are dry, then remove them and fold them immediately. If you do accidentally over-dry your sheets and they have become wrinkled, you can put them in the dryer again for a few minutes with a damp cloth. This will slightly rehydrate the sheets, allowing the wrinkles to be worked out. It’s probably extremely important to the management at the hotel you’re staying in that you feel especially comfortable in their beds, so they pay a lot of attention to this.

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